Intelligent Modem and Energy Backup

BRCK - promotional image by Ushahidi

BRCK looks like a promising solution also to connectivity problems in Myanmar. As the people at Ushahidi say:

If it works in Africa, it will work anywhere.

What is it?

The BRCK is a software infused device, operating seamlessly with the BRCK Cloud, our website that you can access from anywhere to check how network connections and electricity are performing on your device and a portal to install new services like VPN, Dropbox, or any other app that you might create. It also syncs your BRCK with current data from cellular providers in your country. It can also hold 16GB of memory and you can sync your data directly to your Dropbox, other connected devices, or other applications. Furthermore, a BRCK device that is deployed in rural Indonesia can be fully managed from an office in London — or vice versa.

The project still needs some additional funding. The video at Kickstarter explains well what it is about:

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